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This page shows our banned items list, and reasoning behind the banning.

  • Gravity Gun Supercharged too: Grief Hazard
  • Vajra : Can be used to duplicate items, and Griefing Hazard
  • Mining Laser : Griefing Hazard
  • Soul shard spawners : if left on they ruin the server
  • Crystal Chest : Lag Machine
  • Tnt Drop and Use: Grief Hazard
  • Industrial Tnt : Grief Hazard
  • Nuke: Grief Hazard
  • Dynamite : Grief Hazard
  • Dynamite Carrier : Grefing Hazard
  • Descriptive Books Admin and Moderator Only: A ton of ages fill up space quickly
  • Crafting Stations Both full and half block: Dupe bug associated with the block
  • World Anchor : Use chunk loader, much more stable
  • Anchor Cart : Use chunk loader
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