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To join our server please post an Application on our ftb forum page. An admin will get to your application eventually and then you will be allowed on the server for your [Trial] Period. Below is the format for your Application and reasoning for each question.

A Questionnaire for the teamGF MC Server

  • In Game Name: Obvious Reasons
  • Age: This is a Mature Server . We do not want little kids to hear a ton of swearing, the age barrier is about 13 (flexible based on your application)
  • Country: Get to know you better
  • What you are looking for in a MC.Server?: Figure out your intentions, decrease the possibility of griefers
  • What would be the first big project you would build in MC?: Get to know you better
  • Gaming Experience and Interest?: Get to know you better

You can also fill out the questionnaire on your REDDIT site as well -->

Fill out the questionnaire on the FTB forums and you can also fill it out and email me at blucid[at] with the Subject MC.Server Application. We will get back to you via email or on the FTB Forum post.

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