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teamGF Official Minecraft Server Wiki
teamGF Official Map (Updated 01/23/2014)

Server is Ready for TESTING

(Staff, ViP, and Old Members)

Please sign up on the Official FTB Forums and post in our new Thread when its created.
We also have a Reddit Page now, join in on the discussion. teamGF Reddit

MC.Wiki is the informational repository for all things related to the survival Minecraft server known as teamGF Minecraft.

January 19, 2019

DISABLED ITEMS/MODS: FTB Launcher Settings Launch2.jpg Banned Items
MC.Wiki on Network: We are working hard to keep the WIKI up to date. (We are looking for a WIKI GURU)
Official teamGF Server Map: teamGF Official Map
New Member Pages: raunador, nekia89, zagarus01
New Pages Avaliable: Member List and Town List check them both out.
New MOD Page(s): Towny Mod page has been updated and completed. Check it out.

Featured Member for the month of January 2014: sannitybuild

Town of the Week: Spawnville
Ghost Town of the Week: None Yet :)

Importantinfo.jpg Membersguide.jpg

Do you enjoy playing on our server, Consider helping us out! (Please note, donations will not affect ranks or privileges.)
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