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This is the list of all the different stages of being a member on our server. It also lists the permissions that each tier has access too.



Trusted members who have shown wonderful persistance to the server.
We might be opening up some extra spots once the server starts filling up but for now applications are CLOSED


teamGF Staff, and RL (Real Life) friends and family. Who the server was originally created for.
Generally the same Permissions as Members just that they are known for their [VIP] Prefix Status, also the users should be respected.


The regular Member rank of our server, you obtain this rank by interacting with other members and playing on our server.

  • Can Lock personal property such as Doors, Chests, Signs and so on
    LWC is Activated use /lwc to access the commands
  • Can create towns and use more of the Towny commands
    Towny Advanced /towny ? to start your towny experience. If you require more assistance check out our Towny Wiki Page.
  • Can create the Essential Disposal Sign
    Lets you dispose of items that you do not need anymore.
Trial(fill in color)

Initial Permission set for a new member to our server, usually lasts about 1 Week. Or until we feel comfortable that the user is ready to become a permanent member

  • Can NOT Place TNT or Lava
  • Can NOT Lock items such as Doors, Chests, Signs and so on.
  • Can NOT Place/Use Buildcraft Quarry
  • Can NOT Use any Banned Items
  • Can buy and sell to Shops
  • iConomy Account is Activated
    Basic /money commands are active
    Left Click on shop to sell, Right Click on shop to buy
  • Can join a Town but can not create a Town yet.
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