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Official Rules

1. No Griefing (unless at war with town?)

2. No Spamming (Caps and repeated wordsmainly)

3. No Advertising(other servers.. considered spamming)

4. No Constant Cursing (swear all you want, but too much is offensive)

5. No use of, or ownership of banned Items

6. No Asking for OP, Ranks, or Items( the member status will come if you wait)

7. Respect all Players, no matter how annoying they can be

8. Obey Staff They're the Law, No ecceptions

9. No Modded/Hacked clients. Period

10. No Builds Near Spawn, we spent such a long time on this island. Ruining it, or the surrounding area is an immediate ban(250 block radius from portals)

11. No Stealing

12. PVP is allowed

13. BAN Appeals (info needed)(PM sannity on steam, will get back to you)

Teamspeak Rules

1.Afk people to the AFK lobby

2.Don't annoy people, don't be a dick

3.Your Teamspeak name must very closely resemble your in-game name

4.Using push to talk preferred, but not required

5. DO not spam chat or MIC Spam

Also I want to make some other things clear.

Building Rules - Server Wide

  1. No massive light sources everywhere (Putting torches and lights everywhere all over the floor)
  2. No quarries ABOVE Ground, unless above ocean. (Please Make it look nice)
  3. No 1 Block Super High Towers (If you make a tower remove it, try keep the world clean and natural looking)
  4. No Floating Trees (Dont be lazy cut it all down)

More to come soon...

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