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Server Stats

  • CPU: Intel Xeon E5-2690 (2.9ghz)
  • RAM: 10 Gigabytes of RAM
  • Database: InterNAP Seattle-quad34-i-6; its OS is Windows Server 2008.
  • IP Address:

Minecraft Stats

  • FTB Version / Pack: Unleashed 1.1.7
  • Custom Selected Files: Custom Stuff
  • Minecraft Version: 1.5.2
  • Craftbukkit Version: 1.1-R4
  • Player Slots: 50

Disabled Modlist

Craftbukkit Modlist

- Current Installed Mods

  1. ChestShop (System for creating shops and stores)
  2. CraftBook
  3. Citizens (NPC Creation and management system)
  4. iConomy (Advanced money system)
  5. LotteryPlus (Advanced Lottery System)
  6. Lockette (Advanced locking mechanism for doors, chests, triggers and anything else)
  7. MoneyDrop (Humanoid Mobs and Players drop money when they are killed)
  8. PlayerHeads (Creates hats and player heads that can drop)
  9. SuperSpleef (Spleeft Arena tool, for creating and managing spleef arenas)
  10. SignEdit (Advanced sign editing tool, edit individual lines, multiple signs or even add color)
  11. Towny (Advanced town management system, create towns, alliances and nations)
  12. War (Create arenas that feature CTF(Capture the Flag), and TDM(Team Deathmatch) capabilities)
  13. MobArena (Create wave defence arenas with prices and classes)

- Admin Mods

  1. AutoMessage (Server wide advertisements and messages that are timed)
  2. ClearLag (Mod that clears entities and has other neat lag prevention tools)
  3. CoreProtect (Records, everything the player does, EVERYTHING)
  4. Essentials (Server Wide Properties and admin commands)''
  5. PermissionsEx (Best permission, tool ever created for Bukkit)
  6. My Worlds (Transportation in between worlds)
  7. FTBHelper (Utilities and Tools especially designed for FTB Servers, great mod)
  8. RestartRevolution (Timed server restarts and crash prevention)
  9. VoxelSniper (Amazing, World-Editing tool)
  10. VoxelPort (Used for most of our world transports)
  11. WorldEdit (Good, World-Editing tool)
  12. WorldGuard (Amazing, World-Protection and permission tool)
  13. WorldBorder (Creates a Virtual Border on our world to help people stay inside range)

- Planned Mods

  1. ZombieApocalypse (Monsters gain extra abilities destroying everything in their path)
  2. MonsterIRC (IRC link up between the server and our Official teamGF IRC Channel)

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